For more living comfort for the elderly

Feel good at home. This is what Velero stands for. In Wittstock/Dosse, Brandenburg, the principle should also be applied: Without further ado, the property manager implemented a concept for senior-friendly living.

Last year, at the hottest time of the year, the reconstruction measures began. The former commercial units in the "Rote Mühle" area were to undergo a significant remodelling in order to make them even more attractive to a certain group of tenants in and around Wittstock. Velero pursued a plan: to make senior-friendly living in the small town of Brandenburg possible for the first time.

Now, one year later, twelve low-barrier units have been created. The inquiries for the modernized rental apartments exceeded the level already during the reconstruction phase. Because age-appropriate offers are at present still a rarity in Wittstock.

Barrier-free living requires rethinking

It all began with the goal of overcoming the vacancy of the business premises in the "Rote Mühle" residential area. Velero made a virtue out of necessity: the ground-level commercial units met the requirements for an age-appropriate conversion.


The manager for residential real estate has recognized the necessity of future-oriented living concepts. Because demographic developments require new perspectives. True to the principle: Think about tomorrow today.

The absence of barriers in the house, wide entrances and passages as well as handrails in the bathroom are among the requirements for low-barrier residential properties. In the "Red Mill" residential area, senior-friendly living is defined by further amenities.

The floor-to-ceiling window fronts have been partially taken over as light-giving relics of the earlier stores. They give tenants a view of blossoming chestnuts and lush meadows. From the outside, the windows are framed by a brick façade. The red stones are a well-known motif from Wittstock's picturesque downtown. A park in the interior of the residential estate, designed as a square, offers nearby recreation. Generous parking spaces are adjacent not far from the house entrances. Short distances define the neighborhood and contribute to a comfortable living atmosphere for older residents.

Since the takeover of the residential area "Rote Mühle" with a total of 134 units by Velero in 2017, vacancies around Beethovenstrasse are a thing of the past.

The real estate manager, who has about 10,000 residential and commercial units nationwide, has repeatedly demonstrated expertise in Wittstock: The extension and conversion of outdated commercial units into modern apartments with low barrier quality meets great interest from tenants - even from the immediate neighbourhood.

"Red Mill" for families, seniors and singles

But the residential complex does not only offer attractive living space for senior citizens. 134 rental apartments are spread over four building complexes on up to five floors. Large and small families, but also single households find lucrative living space in Wittstock via Velero at a rent of 5.00 to 6.50 euros per square meter.

The proximity to the historical city center, to shopping facilities, educational institutions and medical care as well as to the countryside make living in Wittstock family and senior-friendly.

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