Velero redevelops the Jupp housing estate in Duisburg

Already in 1880 the first houses of the Josefs-Kolonie were built, which today is only called Juppsiedlung. It took several expansion phases until 1930 to complete the settlement as we know it today. Between the buildings, spacious gardens are situated in a secluded yet central location in what was once the largest Prussian village, Hamborn.

Tradition meets modernity

Over time, so much tradition has made itself felt in the apartments and buildings. Tenants and the public pointed out the advantages of "their" Juppsiedlung and that it needed a new beginning. Velero began in 2019 with extensive renovation measures. The goal was to significantly increase the quality of life without changing the charm of the settlement.

All plastered facades were reworked and redesigned in new colors. The formerly dark staircases are now bright and friendly.

In addition to new bell and mailbox systems, intercom systems were installed. Completely new fenced-in garbage dumps were built.

Children now play in the completely redesigned playground. The partly overgrown and abandoned gardens were cleared and made available to new users.

With living spaces between around 27 and 95 sqm and between 1-4 room apartments, the Juppsiedlung was and is today once again predestined for the different phases of life and for different target tenant groups. Young and old, singles, students, single parents and or for families. Due to the different floor plans there is something for everyone. 

The diversity that characterizes the Juppsiedlung today finds a modern home in historic buildings. You can see for yourself in our show apartment, directly above the tenants' office An der Abtei 42 where you can meet the janitor, administrator and letting agent. The distances in the Juppsiedlung are short.

Velero has completely but carefully redesigned the facility since taking over the Juppsiedlung. There is a close exchange with the mosque, the local youth club and the sports club SV Genc Osman.


Velero, which manages more than 10,000 residential and commercial units nationwide, manages approximately 900 apartments in Duisburg (primarily in the north) and has set itself the goal of improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods and significantly. The Juppsiedlung is an impressive example.

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